The Benefits of Aerating your Lawn

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With spring around the corner, it is important that you begin to prepare your lawn. One service that Go Pro Lawn Care can perform is to aerate the lawn. This is a proactive way to bring dormant lawn back to its natural health. Aerating your lawn oxygenates its root system. This allows the lawn to breathe and receive oxygen. Aerating also provides your lawn with the benefit of being able to soak up moisture. Lawns should be aerated twice a year, once in the spring and once in the fall. This is to not only help your lawn to thrive, aerating your lawn will help to reduce your water bill. Yellow lawns are a sign of improper maintenance. The yellow lawn is called a thatched lawn. When you aerate a thatched lawn you get to the root of the problem and open the lawn so it can receive oxygen and moisture, which helps to restore the lawn and allows it to thrive.
There are many services that should be done at specific times of the year, and throughout the year. Spring cleanup should include the application of mulch and bark which will add nourishment to the soil and to your plants. Mulch helps your plants to receive the proper amount of moisture, and insulates their roots. Mulch also helps to prevent the growth of weeds.

Lawn care services are not just for the summer and spring months, they are for year round. Go Pro Lawn Care can provide you with the best for your lawn and garden throughout the year, and make sure that the lawn and garden are properly maintained, which helps to keep the property thriving and the pests and insects down.